Narina (Hin Li) Chan is a nail artist based in NYC.

She was born in Hong Kong moving to New York City at the age of 8.

Narina never enjoyed drawing at a young age, instead delving into music during her teenage years.

Being an indie musician never made enough money, so she decided to decorate some nails as a side job as it was gaining in popularity.

In the beginning of her nail career, she only focused on making money. Soon she started gaining interest and appreciating the art of hand-painted nails. With just a few years of experience in the industry, she has already done commercial look books, fashion shows, and editorial work.

Narina now travels to client's home, commercial shoots, and editorials to pratice her art. Specializing in detailed and intricate nail art, she is able to customized the look you want for your nails.

Emma Watson
Julia Stiles
Stephanie Sigman
Paris Hilton
Bethenny Frankel
Diane Guerrero
Sharaya J
Jessie Ennis
G.E.M. 鄧紫棋

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter: @narinapk1

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Phone: 212-366-4400

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